Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Student Addresses Educators at TECHedADVIS


PC senior Andy Nguyen presented to more than 350 school teachers and administrators at the TECHedADVIS conference in Newark, Del., on Oct. 9, 2015. His talk shared how William Penn’s imperative to “do good with what thou hast,” plus help from his teachers and his growing set of tech skills enabled him to serve Philadelphia’s Widener Memorial School, a public school for students with physical and medical disabilities.

viewAs one of two students chosen to speak at this conference featuring a lineup of national educational experts, Andy shared work his 10th grade Quakerism class did at Widener and the problem he was left with afterwards.  While the Quakerism class ended, Widener’s need for help continued. Andy told how teachers encouraged him to offer his video production tech talents to Widener after the class was over, resulting in a consciousness-raising movie about the school.

Preparing for the talk wasn’t an easy thing to do for a busy 12th grader (see his tweet below from earlier in the week) or for me, his conference faculty mentor. However, it was an honor for me to be of help.

I was on a panel of edTech planners at the conference and, when asked about Penn Charter’s mission, I pointed to Andy in the audience and said “There’s our mission...It’s Andy. It’s helping students live lives that make a difference as Andy is doing.” Every now and then I get to look up from the daily work and catch a glimpse of Penn Charter achieving our timeless mission.

Michael Moulton, Director of Educational Technology

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